Saturday, 30 March 2013

Sebenarnya saya isteri dia

Its Sunday, weekend.

 Last night I slept at living room with my sister. Bakas liat running man. Mom woke us up. She said to get ready for going to wedding ceremony at Bridex. Tired. Exhausted. Tired. Exhausted. That's all in ma mind. Seriously, I'm really tired. How come? I don't know, maybe lack of sleep.. T.T

Last Friday, ada this new series Malaysia keluar. It's "Sebenarnya saya isteri dia" dari buku novel sebenarnya tu. kekeke I can't wait to watch it. But, too bad I don't have astro so I can't watch it. DAMN!

But then, my friend just told me bout this websites. So, I looked at it.. yup, there it is the series. hehehehe

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